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Protect your customers with high-quality legal assistance

Cyber Risk Guard (CRG) is a suite of legal services for consumers and businesses which enable them to deal with cyber threats


Personal Cyber Risk Guard

Our personal suite helps consumers deal with online reputation management, including removing personal information from websites


We also help with estate planning and digital asset management

Business Cyber Risk Guard

Our business suite helps SMBs get the right data security provisions in place when dealing with 3rd parties (such as accountants, consultants and advisors)


Our contracts help protect SMBs from cyber breaches and lawsuits


CRG helps you stand out in the market with an instantly usable insuretech application

Day-one value

CRG can broaden the protection you offer customers by giving them immediate access to legal assistance

Mitigate risk

CRG Business helps SMBs get data security provisions in place to indemnify them if a breach occurs

1. Legal document preparation

CRG Business includes consultancy agreements and contractor agreements which contain model cyber security clauses

CRG Personal offers letters dealing with personal information and harmful content


The service also includes wills and powers of attorney that deal with digital assets

Users simply choose a service, and answer the questions as they appear

Our smart system will then create a high-quality document that meets their specific needs

2. Secure sharing and storage

Consumers and business can use our secure workflow to share their documents with someone else (such as a trusted advisor or the contracting party)

Documents can be safely stored within our system for editing, or exported to print them off and sign

3. Contract risk assessment (CRG Business)

If a business has existing contracts in place, our risk assessment will help them examine them for the right data security provisions

If the contracts fail our test we can extend them with an addendum, or our service can be used to replace them with our comprehensive agreements

3. Contract risk assessment (CRG Business)

Cyber Risk Guard (Business) contains a guide written in plain language that helps policyholders understand what cyber provisions should be included in their agreements

Who is behind Cyber Risk Guard?

Epoq is an international technology company specializing in the development of innovative, online legal services


major insurance and financial services brands are supported by Epoq


legal document drafting services delivered every year


invested in Epoq’s legal technology platform


is what we save our end-users globally in legal fees every year

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How CRG Works

See below for our "how it works" video.